STATWATT products are tested and certified by leading and reputed testing agencies (CE). We design and manufacture high quality products with world class materials, keeping user-friendliness and ease of use in mind.

If you encounter any difficulties while using your product, we recommend that you first consult the user manual or the information in the support section of the website, where you will find a downloadable user manual, frequently asked questions and instruction videos.

In the unlikely event of a failure of the product, STATWATT will arrange for the product to be serviced, free-of-cost if you inform us about the defect within warranty period, provided that the product was used in accordance with the user manual. STATWATT offers warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase invoice.


Terms and Conditions:


v  Warranty is limited to the first purchaser of this product and it is not transferable.

v  This Warranty will commence from the date of purchase written in invoice.

v  To avail Warranty services, customer should approach the respective retailer/dealer from whom they have purchased the product and must present original purchase invoice with corresponding model and serial number of the unit.

v  The warranty does not cover accessories external to the product e.g., caps, fuse, night lamp etc.

v  This warranty will automatically terminate on the expiry of the warranty period.

v  Any issues related to the product; customer should report to our Support Centre (available in official website).

v  Customer should inform our Support Centre within 24 hours in case of physical damage to the product caused during transit.

v  After a repair, firmware upgrade or replacement the warranty period will continue from the date of the original purchase.

v  No Dealer/Distributor/Retailer / Service Centre / Employee has the authority to change the terms of above warranty.


Company will not be liable for any damage or loss or injury (including illness) caused due to improper use or handling of the product.


Warranty excludes or rendered void in case of the following -


v  If customer violates warranty terms and conditions, instruction and installation guidelines or operates the Product otherwise than as per Product specifications.

v  Physical damage caused by the customer (including liquid damage) due to improper use or handling, unauthorized modifications/repairs, repairs or installation done by unauthorized persons.

v  Acts of God, lightning, electricity surges / abnormal voltage, damage during transit to and from customer’s residence or Authorized Service Centre subsequent to the initial delivery and installation of the product.

v   Removal, tampering or alteration of any identification labels on the product or any of its components including the serial number or warranty void stickers.

v  If the Product is used for any commercial purpose.

v  If the product does not function properly because it was not originally designed, manufactured or approved for use in the country where you use the product, which might occur when you imported the product.

v  If the defect is caused by connecting peripherals, additional equipment or accessories other than those recommended in the user manual.

v  If the defect is caused by abuse of the product or by environmental conditions that are not in conformance with the user manual of the product.